Reality Student Apologetics Conference – February 24th & 25th

Event details

  • Friday | February 24, 2023 to Saturday | February 25, 2023
  • All Day
If you don’t have a Christianity anchored in what’s true, you will always be at the mercy of your doubts. Stand to Reason’s #RealityApologetics conference equips students to navigate doubts by seeking answers to their toughest questions. Because when you seek answers, you find truth.
Our church will be livestreaming this incredible conference which starts at 5:30pm on Feb 24th. The Necela’s have graciously opened their home for this event and you can see the schedule here:

While this event is geared towards youth, the whole family is invited to join us for this live stream conference. Keep in mind that there will be mature topics discussed that are relevant issues in our culture. See the schedule above for more details.

Food will be provided Friday evening (pizza!) and on Saturday for lunch. There is no fee involved for registering for this conference. RSVP here: