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Important Articles regarding Christian Nationalism and the Kingdom of God

As pastors, we are always desiring to guide our flock in seeking biblical wisdom regarding current cultural trends, topics and issues within our society. One of the trends that has come up in recent months is the subject of Christian Nationalism. This is a weighty subject that deserves our attention and discernment. There are two articles, written by godly men, that stand out to us and we recommend to you. We believe that Christian Nationalism is well defined by these authors and present thoughtful, valid concerns. Please read and prayerfully contemplate these articles

Kingdom of God vs. Christian nationalism (part I) – By Joseph Mattera
This article tactfully discusses the differences between the Kingdom of God and Christian Nationalism. As thoughtful, Biblical Christians, we would do well to discern the primary direction of our hearts during this challenging time.

Sorry, But the American Flag is Not Directly Related to the Banner of Christ – By Michael Brown
In this article, Michael Brown goes in depth to how subtly the issue of Christian Nationalism can be woven into the language many well-intentioned Christian patriots and the need for us to make the distinction between our loyalty to Christ above all else and our loyalty to our country.

In closing, we encourage the body of Christ to remain committed first to the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus above all else.  We are blessed to be in a country where we have great freedoms and privileges, which freedoms and privileges we should do our part to protect and preserve, but not at the expense of our allegiance to the Kingdom of God.

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