Acts Chapter 15 Part 1

Everyone today wants to have plus – more, mega, macho! They want Walmart plus, Disney plus, Daily Wire plus, and even ESPN plus! It’s an app or a service but whatever it is, it offers you more! The standard thing is no longer enough. Well, something today is enough and it’s Jesus. As Pastor Phillip points out in today’s message, the important thing for us to note is that anytime someone wants or offers Jesus +, it’s dead wrong. That’s what was happening when Paul and Barnabas came back to Antioch in Acts 15. Jewish men snuck in to the church and began preaching that without circumcision and keeping the Law of Moses (yep all 613 laws) people could not be saved. They wanted Jesus Plus. However this caused a great stir to take place and God worked to bring an answer to this question for all time.

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