Acts Chapter 19, Part 2

In this message, Pastor Phillip shares from his heart based on Acts 19:8-10 and focuses on two things. The first point is about us not loosing our first love in Christ. Paul was ministering to the church in Ephesus in Acts 19 and this is the very church in John’s book of Revelation that God rebukes because they had lost their first love. Pastor Phillip encourages us to repent and go back to the first works and reclaim our first love for Christ if we have lost it. The second point is focusing our hearts on the Kingdom of God. This message of Christ as King is the message the Jesus and the apostles proclaimed and the message that is the Good News of the gospel. Pastor Phillip emphasizes our need to make Christ not just Savior, but KING of our life. A King that commands our obedience and reverence.

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