Acts Chapter 11, Part 1

In this message, Pastor Nathan expounds on Peter’s defense of his obedience to God and how his defense provided undeniable proof of God’s working and direction in bringing the Gentiles into the Kingdom of God. The circumcised believers that confronted him, were at first angry and vehemently upset at Peter’s transgression of tradition, but once hearing his defense, are silenced because of God’s authority at work. The greatest point of defense that Peter made was in recognition that these Gentile believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit, just like the early church was at Pentecost. Pastor Nathan also discusses two other important aspects; First, how religious tradition affects our lives and the importance of reconciling our traditions with the Word of God and resting in God’s Word alone. Second, how through the accusations being brought by the circumcised brethren and Peter’s own humility, it is shown that the early church has no concept of Paul’s supremacy as taught by the Roman Catholic church.

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